June 2018

It doesn't seem two minutes until I posted my last goals at the beginning of May. Nearly half way through the year... nearly half way till Christmas - whoop whop!   So, plans for June 2018: Complete at least one Swagbucks survey every day. Sort another set of books and post off to Ziffit if accepted. Earn £100... Continue Reading →



If like me you have bookshelves full of books, DVDs and CDs you never watch then it might be time to check out Ziffit.com I can certainly recommend this company. They have a handy phone app where you can scan the bar-codes of numerous items. It tells you straight away if they are willing to... Continue Reading →

May 2018

The start of a new month means the start of a new list. I still firmly believe that if I commit my plans to writing I am more driven to achieve them. Is it just me who feels like this? So, plans for May 2018: Earn another £10 Amazon Gift Card by doing surveys on Swagbucks.... Continue Reading →

April 2018

Happy Easter! Today is the start of a new month. The day where I make my plans for the month ahead and set them down on paper. I find that by committing something to paper makes it more likely to be achieved. So, plans for April 2018: Increase monthly mortgage overpayment to £38. Earn £100... Continue Reading →

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