My June Goals – Weekly Update 1

Complete at least one Swagbucks survey every day. So far, so good. No rewards yet, but getting closer. Sort another set of books and post off to Ziffit if accepted. The previous parcels I sent have now been processed and the money sent to my account which is great. I have packaged up the next lots of... Continue Reading →



If like me you have bookshelves full of books, DVDs and CDs you never watch then it might be time to check out I can certainly recommend this company. They have a handy phone app where you can scan the bar-codes of numerous items. It tells you straight away if they are willing to... Continue Reading →

Reviewing Bakerdays – Letterbox cake

Who doesn't love cake? I for one am extremely partial... it goes with everything from coffee to champagne. Now you can now have cake delivered to your door in a unique packaging system from Bakerdays. They provide a wide range of cakes suitable for birthdays, christenings, celebrations large or small and the best part is,... Continue Reading →

My May Goals – Weekly Update 1

 Well, that first week went quickly! I am now looking forward to the extra long bank holiday weekend! What do you all have planned? Earn another £10 Amazon Gift Card by doing surveys on Swagbucks. I've completed enough surveys to get about half the points I need. I have also completed an offer which should... Continue Reading →

Shop and Save – Tesco Soft Tissues

This week I swapped my popular big name brand tissue to a cheaper store brand - Tesco Soft Tissues. I bought these in the shop for 75p. My normal brand is £2 in store, although I buy in bulk (12 packets) from Amazon for £1 a box. Either way this will be a saving which will add up.... Continue Reading →

Shop and Save – Non-bio washing tablets

This week I swapped my washing tablets from big brand to store brand. I'm always cautious when changing washing products - what if they don't smell nice / fresh / clean? What if there is a reaction? But, it was time to try. When I bought it, I got 2 boxes of 20 tablets for special offer of £5 (normal price... Continue Reading →

Switching products. Shop and Save

  While doing my shopping today I was stood looking for a specific item - shaving cream. There were loads of the shelf and I reached out to select my normal, safe, go-to brand. I stopped and looked at the price. It was £2.50 and no offers available. I always try and buy all my... Continue Reading →

Kon Mari

About 18 months ago I heard about something called 'The life changing magic of tidying up' by Marie Kondo and I bought the book. I've never been one for buying books about tidying but something about this one struck a cord and I was hooked. I am now a follower of various Facebook groups linked... Continue Reading →

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