My May Goals – Weekly Update 2

  Earn another £10 Amazon Gift Card by doing surveys on Swagbucks. Yey!! I've achieved this whoop whoop 😀 Earn £100 by selling electronic resources. This is still going ok. I'm at £73 and this has been completely passive as I've not done anything but check what has sold. Pay another £500 off Walt Disney World... Continue Reading →


May 2018

The start of a new month means the start of a new list. I still firmly believe that if I commit my plans to writing I am more driven to achieve them. Is it just me who feels like this? So, plans for May 2018: Earn another £10 Amazon Gift Card by doing surveys on Swagbucks.... Continue Reading →

My April Goals update

1.Increase monthly mortgage overpayment to £38. I set this up via NatWest Mortgage Online and have received text confirmation that this is now in place. 2.Earn £100 by selling electronic resources. This seems slow at the moment but currently standing at £32.63 so this is nearly a third of the way there. As this is... Continue Reading →

Kon Mari

About 18 months ago I heard about something called 'The life changing magic of tidying up' by Marie Kondo and I bought the book. I've never been one for buying books about tidying but something about this one struck a cord and I was hooked. I am now a follower of various Facebook groups linked... Continue Reading →

Sky TV

I have a love / hate relationship with Sky TV. I love all the choice in channels. I hate how long it takes to decide what to watch. I love that it has box sets. I hate that the app doesn't remember where you are up to. I love that I can record. I hate... Continue Reading →


One of my aims for April was to pay off £38 from my mortgage. I have this set up as a new 'regular mortgage overpayment' through Natwest and it will be collected at the same time as my normal payment. But, I was thinking... many of you might be thinking "Why £38?". I admit, this does seem like an... Continue Reading →

April 2018

Happy Easter! Today is the start of a new month. The day where I make my plans for the month ahead and set them down on paper. I find that by committing something to paper makes it more likely to be achieved. So, plans for April 2018: Increase monthly mortgage overpayment to £38. Earn £100... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me on 'My Money Mission 2018'. I have been thinking about starting this blog for a while to document our progress on reducing our spending and increasing our mortgage payments in 2018. Currently our mortgage is due to be paid off the month we turn 65. I am not, and will not,... Continue Reading →

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