My June Goals – Weekly Update 1

Complete at least one Swagbucks survey every day. So far, so good. No rewards yet, but getting closer. Sort another set of books and post off to Ziffit if accepted. The previous parcels I sent have now been processed and the money sent to my account which is great. I have packaged up the next lots of... Continue Reading →


My May Goals – Weekly Update 1

 Well, that first week went quickly! I am now looking forward to the extra long bank holiday weekend! What do you all have planned? Earn another £10 Amazon Gift Card by doing surveys on Swagbucks. I've completed enough surveys to get about half the points I need. I have also completed an offer which should... Continue Reading →

Simple Things & Positivity

In years gone by, a positive weekend would have involved a day out / a take away / big plans. This weekend has not included any of those things but I have had a lovely weekend. Straight after work on Friday I went into the front garden to start cutting back the hedges which were... Continue Reading →

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