Shop and Save – Tesco Healthy Living Reduced Sugar And Salt Baked Beans

This week I swapped from my normal big brand baked beans to store brand. This small tin was 25p, rather than the normal cost of 50p. I love baked beans, they go with everything (within reason). I wasn't sure I would like any other brand. I tried them on toast (with a little bit of grated... Continue Reading →



If like me you have bookshelves full of books, DVDs and CDs you never watch then it might be time to check out I can certainly recommend this company. They have a handy phone app where you can scan the bar-codes of numerous items. It tells you straight away if they are willing to... Continue Reading →

My May Goals – Weekly Update 2

  Earn another £10 Amazon Gift Card by doing surveys on Swagbucks. Yey!! I've achieved this whoop whoop 😀 Earn £100 by selling electronic resources. This is still going ok. I'm at £73 and this has been completely passive as I've not done anything but check what has sold. Pay another £500 off Walt Disney World... Continue Reading →

Shop and Save – Tesco Soft Tissues

This week I swapped my popular big name brand tissue to a cheaper store brand - Tesco Soft Tissues. I bought these in the shop for 75p. My normal brand is £2 in store, although I buy in bulk (12 packets) from Amazon for £1 a box. Either way this will be a saving which will add up.... Continue Reading →

Council Tax

I pay my council tax monthly over 10 months of the year. This means that I have a lovely 2 months (February and March) where I don't have to pay. Out of all the bills I pay each month, this is the one that annoys me the most. It's the one bill I have to... Continue Reading →

Shop and Save – Non-bio washing tablets

This week I swapped my washing tablets from big brand to store brand. I'm always cautious when changing washing products - what if they don't smell nice / fresh / clean? What if there is a reaction? But, it was time to try. When I bought it, I got 2 boxes of 20 tablets for special offer of £5 (normal price... Continue Reading →

Saving a percentage

When trying to sort out my own budget I read lots of different articles and bits online which all influenced my decisions. One thing I kept seeing was people saving 10, 20, 30% or even more of their monthly income.  As someone who hadn’t previously been in a position to save before, as we were... Continue Reading →

Walt Disney World 2019

One of our goals for 2018 was to save enough to book to visit Walt Disney World. This would be the most we had ever saved for anything, or spent on anything (apart from the house). It was a bit scary to be honest. We came back from Disney Land Paris in February 2018 and... Continue Reading →

Why start now…

It might seem like April is an odd time to start a money blog, to start blogging about saving, to start making changes. Most people start in January with their New Year's Resolutions, but I wasn't in a place to start then. I did make my money plans for 2018 at the new year but it is... Continue Reading →

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