My April Goals – Weekly Update 4

Wow. Where has April gone? I can't believe how quick the year is passing by. I feel it has been a successful month with regard to my targets. Yey! How have yours gone? 1.Increase monthly mortgage overpayment to £38. Achieved in week 1. 2.Earn £100 by selling electronic resources. Target increased to £250 in week... Continue Reading →


Simple Things & Positivity

In years gone by, a positive weekend would have involved a day out / a take away / big plans. This weekend has not included any of those things but I have had a lovely weekend. Straight after work on Friday I went into the front garden to start cutting back the hedges which were... Continue Reading →

My April Goals – Weekly Update 3

1.Increase monthly mortgage overpayment to £38. Achieved in week 1. 2.Earn £100 by selling electronic resources. Week 2 saw me achieve this target and aim to get another £100 before the end of the month. Wow I am completely amazed that I have now achieved this target also! Currently I'm at £210 and maybe £250... Continue Reading →


The 30th March marked the start of the Easter Holidays. For me it also signifies the day I joined Swagbucks. It is a website I had heard of for a while but never really investigated. I'm now kicking myself for not exploring earlier. It was easy to register and get going. I have mainly been... Continue Reading →

Starting Small

What could you do today to get started? Before I started my blog I was keen to get started with my savings. To try and feel motivated and a sense of achievement I made this chart. I could then cross off the amounts as I added them to the money pot. To try and get... Continue Reading →

My April Goals – Weekly Update 2

1.Increase monthly mortgage overpayment to £38. Achieved last week. 2.Earn £100 by selling electronic resources. This week has gone well. I haven't made any new resources but total is now £109.60. I have surpassed my target which is a great feeling for being just half way through the month. I wonder if I can now... Continue Reading →

Saving a percentage

When trying to sort out my own budget I read lots of different articles and bits online which all influenced my decisions. One thing I kept seeing was people saving 10, 20, 30% or even more of their monthly income.  As someone who hadn’t previously been in a position to save before, as we were... Continue Reading →


Last week I came across an app called 'Shoppix' while browsing Twitter and after a quick read I downloaded it to my phone. Although there are a number of apps / websites like this out there, they aren't something I have ever looked into before but I was intrigued. The basic gist is, you take photos of... Continue Reading →


How do you holiday? What sort of breaks make you tick?   It’s only recently that I’ve managed to sort my at home budget and so budgeting while away from home is still something of a mine field to me. I’ve not got my head around it. This is why I often choose to holiday... Continue Reading →

Annual passes

If it’s something you love, why not put money into it? My hubby and I love going to our local zoo, Chester Zoo. It was where we went for our first daytime date all those years ago, and it’s where we got engaged. We love that we can just go there for a walk to... Continue Reading →

My April Goals update

1.Increase monthly mortgage overpayment to £38. I set this up via NatWest Mortgage Online and have received text confirmation that this is now in place. 2.Earn £100 by selling electronic resources. This seems slow at the moment but currently standing at £32.63 so this is nearly a third of the way there. As this is... Continue Reading →

Airport Lounges

While trying to save I imagine that airport lounges are not something people would normally opt to pay for (even if holidays are). We, however, have done just that on our recent trip abroad. On our last trip, in February, we flew at the same time and didn’t use a lounge. We bought two small... Continue Reading →

Switching products. Shop and Save

  While doing my shopping today I was stood looking for a specific item - shaving cream. There were loads of the shelf and I reached out to select my normal, safe, go-to brand. I stopped and looked at the price. It was £2.50 and no offers available. I always try and buy all my... Continue Reading →

Walt Disney World 2019

One of our goals for 2018 was to save enough to book to visit Walt Disney World. This would be the most we had ever saved for anything, or spent on anything (apart from the house). It was a bit scary to be honest. We came back from Disney Land Paris in February 2018 and... Continue Reading →

Why start now…

It might seem like April is an odd time to start a money blog, to start blogging about saving, to start making changes. Most people start in January with their New Year's Resolutions, but I wasn't in a place to start then. I did make my money plans for 2018 at the new year but it is... Continue Reading →


My Money Mission 2018 is now active on Facebook. We have a page set up which you're more than welcome to follow. We would also love to invite and  welcome you to our community group. Please join, add your friends and watch both the group and our savings grow. My Money Mission 2018 Facebook Group Let's work together... Continue Reading →

Looking after the pennies

This saying has always been a saying as long as I can remember. It was only recently that it began to mean something to me. When I was in my 20s I had jobs, but never saved. I didn't have much free money (or I didn't think I did) and I didn't think a little... Continue Reading →

Saving, but still enjoying life

My main aim of this blog is to focus on saving money and bringing down the mortgage... but what's the point of saving everything if you aren't going to live life and enjoy yourself? Each month both hubby and I have a set amount in our accounts, this can be used to fund hobbies and... Continue Reading →

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