Shop and Save – Tesco Healthy Living Reduced Sugar And Salt Baked Beans

This week I swapped from my normal big brand baked beans to store brand. This small tin was 25p, rather than the normal cost of 50p. I love baked beans, they go with everything (within reason). I wasn't sure I would like any other brand. I tried them on toast (with a little bit of grated... Continue Reading →


Shop and Save – Tesco Soft Tissues

This week I swapped my popular big name brand tissue to a cheaper store brand - Tesco Soft Tissues. I bought these in the shop for 75p. My normal brand is £2 in store, although I buy in bulk (12 packets) from Amazon for £1 a box. Either way this will be a saving which will add up.... Continue Reading →

Shop and Save – Non-bio washing tablets

This week I swapped my washing tablets from big brand to store brand. I'm always cautious when changing washing products - what if they don't smell nice / fresh / clean? What if there is a reaction? But, it was time to try. When I bought it, I got 2 boxes of 20 tablets for special offer of £5 (normal price... Continue Reading →

Switching products. Shop and Save

  While doing my shopping today I was stood looking for a specific item - shaving cream. There were loads of the shelf and I reached out to select my normal, safe, go-to brand. I stopped and looked at the price. It was £2.50 and no offers available. I always try and buy all my... Continue Reading →

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