My June Goals – Weekly Update 1


  1. Complete at least one Swagbucks survey every day. So far, so good. No rewards yet, but getting closer.
  2. Sort another set of books and post off to Ziffit if accepted. The previous parcels I sent have now been processed and the money sent to my account which is great. I have packaged up the next lots of stuff to post this morning and should get about £19.50 for this box. I will be adding this to the Disney Holiday account to try and bring the balance of this down a bit.
  3. Earn £100 by selling electronic resources. This has gone ok this week. Currently at £72. I am fully aware that this will probably stop altogether soon as I deal with teaching resources and it’s nearly the summer holidays.
  4. Sort some boxes in the garage and list anything viable on eBay. This week I have listed various Playmobil and Lego sets. I have sold 1 item making £23 on ebay before postage costs and fees, and a second item for £24.

As part of my decluttering I have also filled 2 charity bags which I will put out tomorrow.

 I hope you’re all having a good weekend?

Happy Saving!


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