If like me you have bookshelves full of books, DVDs and CDs you never watch then it might be time to check out Ziffit.com

I can certainly recommend this company. They have a handy phone app where you can scan the bar-codes of numerous items. It tells you straight away if they are willing to offer money for the item. This can be anything from a number of pence to quite a few pounds.

I first investigated this company when I had a collection of old university text books and it was a pleasant surprise. I have also used to reduce my DVD collection (most films are on Netflix anyway so these were just taking up valuable space in my house).

It is as easy as setting up a quick account, scanning the items you want to sell and then boxing up (any box will do) the items they accept. Then give paypal or bank details and wait for an email confirmation. This arrives pretty instantly and then you can  print the label for your box. You can drop your box at an Collect+ location and then it is a case of waiting for the box to be processed and funds to arrive. I have always used bank transfer and it is relatively quick.

The one things to be careful of is to ensure that you pack all items from one transaction in one box. The first time we used Ziffit we had a massive clearout and so because it was more than 10kg in weight they sent a courier to collect the boxes. We had packaged them in 9 boxes but they only sent 8 labels – easy – just stick two boxes together.

So, in summary, if you have shelves filled with books or dvds and games you no longer play it could be worth a scan and see if you could have money in your bank instead. Last weekend we did 5 different transactions and will hopefully have £155  coming to us soon.

Good luck and let me know how you get on!


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