Shop and Save – Tesco Ms Molly’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

shop and save ms molly cookie


This week I was shopping for snacks when I decided I was going to try value price biscuits in Tesco. I was surprised that the only biscuits in the traditional white packaging were ginger nuts (not something I’m overly partial to). There were, however, a selection of treats under the brand name Ms Molly’s.

We decided to try Ms Molly’s Chocolate Chip Cookies and weren’t disappointed. The had enough chocolate chips in them that you didn’t feel hard done to. They seemed small, but so did the high brand name in the supermarket this morning. When snapping in half they were quite crunchy and crumbly but nothing that would stop me buying them again.

These biscuits were just 40 pence for around 22 cookies (We had already started to eat them before I decided to count!). You certainly seemed to get a lot of biscuit for 40p.

Normally we buy a range of snacks each week, often chocolate based. These are a lot better value than the chocolate bars we frequently purchase so I feel this could be a good saver in the long run.

There are so many types of biscuits I’m certain that after the success today I will be doing some more swaps in the snack shopping. What are your go-to bargain snacks? Any recommendations?

What could you swap this week?



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