Reviewing Bakerdays – Letterbox cake

Review baker days

Who doesn’t love cake? I for one am extremely partial… it goes with everything from coffee to champagne.bakerdays.JPG

Now you can now have cake delivered to your door in a unique packaging system from Bakerdays. They provide a wide range of cakes suitable for birthdays, christenings, celebrations large or small and the best part is, you don’t have to wait home all day for your delivery. Bakerdays offer “Letterbox cakes” which fit through your letterbox and are packaged in a way that the cake doesn’t get damaged. Brilliant for if you want to send a surprise to someone and unlike flowers, they don’t even have to be home when it arrives. I personally find this the hardest part of sending flowers to someone as it’s always hard to make it a surprise when you have to ask their schedule for a particular day. img_8549

Bakerdays were kind enough to send us a cake to share with you on mymoneymission2018.

When I came home from work I saw the box on my letter box and I was keen to open it. It was packaged inside a tin and provided with a lovely little ‘Just for you’ gift card. This was a nice touch. It was easy to remove the cake from the tin and it didn’t damage the cake in any way.


Bakerdays offer a choice of flavours including traditional sponge, lemon drizzle, chocolate chip, gluten free, dairy free and fruit. I chose the lemon drizzle and it was delicious.

As well as creating Letterbox cakes, they also provide  a wide range of celebration cakes in a variety of sizes, personalised cupcakes, balloons and corporate gifts.

In conclusion, I am glad I came across Bakerdays.

I would be made up to receive one of these cakes for my own birthday. I will certainly be using them myself to send as gifts to other people.

If you’d like to order one for someone, take advantage of my 15% off code – MONEYMISSION15

bakerdays cake.JPG





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