Shop and Save – Tesco Soft Tissues

shop and save tissues

This week I swapped my popular big name brand tissue to a cheaper store brand – Tesco Soft Tissues.

I bought these in the shop for 75p. My normal brand is £2 in store, although I buy in bulk (12 packets) from Amazon for £1 a box. Either way this will be a saving which will add up. These don’t seem to be available as a bulk buy option.

The tissues are the same size as my normal brand and there is no difference with regards to how many are in each box.

For some reason our household seems to get through a lot of tissues. I get that cotton hankies would work out cheaper but they just aren’t for me… yet. I like to have a box of tissues in pretty much every room in the house… and a box at work too.

The main thing I love about these tissues is the box. They look far prettier than my normal brand. There are a few different box designs. My favourite is this one which is currently in my study :


These tissues feel a little less luxurious to touch than my normal brand, in that they are a little rougher. However, this is a swap which I would be happy to buy again, unless I had a cold and wanted more of a balm tissue as I do still feel these are a little more sensitive when using frequently.

What could you swap this week?



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