Simple Things & Positivity


In years gone by, a positive weekend would have involved a day out / a take away / big plans. This weekend has not included any of those things but I have had a lovely weekend.

img_8426Straight after work on Friday I went into the front garden to start cutting back the hedges which were slowly taking over the pavement.

The evening continued with a lovely chilled meal out with friends. The kind where everything you say is taken out of context and turned into a innuendo of some sort.

Saturday began with the food shop. Normally we have this delivered from Tesco but I img_8448didn’t think I needed £40 of food this week. Instead we decided to pop to Aldi. We bought more, and we bought different things (including fresh flowers) but we ended up spending exactly the same as normal. We then came home and did loads of jobs around the house – stripping beds, cleaning, flipping the mattress and going back into the front garden to mow the lawn and cut back even more of the hedges. The garden bin is now full to the brim, as are two garden rubbish bags! It must be the good weather but none of these jobs seemed like chores and it was just a good feeling to be being productive, enjoying the sun and seeing a positive difference in the house.

img_8446Saturday afternoon was equally fun. We had some friends and their children round – cuteness overload! Who doesn’t like an excuse to play with Duplo!? It makes such a difference when you finally find that amazing group of friends and you just click.

Saturday evening involved home cooked burgers, playing Heroes of the Storm and eating the last of the Easter eggs.

Sunday arrived and started with putting the washing on, making a Tassimo coffee and going back to bed to drink it while reading blog posts. Not long and the feeling of having to get the school work sorted arrived. This took a couple of hours but once done, it was time to chill again. Nothing a good cup of coffee and some Netflix couldn’t fix.


This brings me up to now. Writing this blog post, reflecting on a positive weekend. I love this feeling of being content and not judging myself against other people, what they are doing, where they have been etc. I’m sitting here enjoying another lovely Tassimo Caramel Latte and watching Amazon Prime – The Crossing (as recommended by lovely friends mentioned above).


Hope you’ve all had a good weekend? What have you been doing?




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