Shop and Save – Non-bio washing tablets


This week I swapped my washing tablets from big brand to store brand.

I’m always cautious when changing washing products – what if they don’t smell nice / fresh / clean? What if there is a reaction? But, it was time to try.

When I bought it, I got 2 boxes of 20 tablets for special offer of £5 (normal price £3.30 for one box). My normal brand would work out at £9 for 38 washes. The store brand would work out cheaper even if I had paid full price.

I tend to use 3 tablets a week on washing so a box of 20 will last about 6 weeks, so something I buy often. £9 was always a big expense to add to a single shop. Being able to spend £3.30 will be much better.

I’m now wondering if there are any washing tablet brands that work out even cheaper… have you found any?

This is a swap which I will stick with. Although, I normally like to alternate between two different fragrances (as when I stick with just one I find that after time I stop being able to smell it) and Tesco currently only do the one type of liquid tablet. I might have to explore other brands for this as well.

What could you swap this week?



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