The 30th March marked the start of the Easter Holidays. For me it also signifies the day I joined Swagbucks.

It is a website I had heard of for a while but never really investigated. I’m now kicking myself for not exploring earlier.

It was easy to register and get going. I have mainly been answering surveys (be warned to get screened out for quite a few) to earn ‘swagbucks’. The number of points can range from 1 for being disqualified or for completing the daily question, up to a hundred or more for a more in depth survey.

Points can be earned from the start by doing simple things like completing your profile, and using their search bar.

Surveys can be about everything and anything. I’ve done in depth surveys about products ranging from energy suppliers to yoghurt brands to what I enjoy watching on TV. The fact they are all so different keeps me entertained.

Another way I received 450 points was by downloading and playing a free to play game and getting to Level 10. This was similar to other computer games I enjoying playing in my free time and so was easy to achieve. It took about 2 hours but it was free entertainment and it was fun doing something different.


One thing I haven’t yet tried is following their links through to shopping sites. The only reason I haven’t yet tried this out is because I haven’t needed to buy anything. The old me would have just gone and ordered something to give it a whirl, but, the new sensible me is being restrained… for now!

As you earn points, these can be exchanged for a variety of rewards or charity donations. So far I have exchanged 1360 points (currently they are on sale) for a £10 Amazon gift card. I am just waiting for this but it said it can be up to ten days before it arrives. I’ve nearly got enough points for another… just 300 to go.


Now though I am pondering…. what to spend this money on? Should I save them up over the year?

What would you use it for? Treats? Gifts for Christmas / Birthday? Household goods?

Leave me a message to let me know what you’d do.

If you want to try it out for yourself, check out Swagbucks.

SavingsHappy saving!



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