My April Goals – Weekly Update 2

april 2

1.Increase monthly mortgage overpayment to £38. Achieved last week.

2.Earn £100 by selling electronic resources. This week has gone well. I haven’t made any new resources but total is now £109.60. I have surpassed my target which is a great feeling for being just half way through the month. I wonder if I can now get another £100 before the month is out…?

3.Pay another £500 off Walt Disney World Florida 2019 Holiday which will bring the total left to pay to £4000. I got paid this week and so was able to make the £500 transfer to Thomas Cook. We still have another 13 months before the balance needs to be settled so going well with this.

4.Investigate setting up an ISA for tax-free savings. This I achieved last week by setting up a high interest savings account instead of an ISA.

We came back from holiday this week and have spent time sorting the holiday stuff, trying to catch up with work and also enjoying the last few days before school starts again.

This month is going well and having the short term goals is keeping the motivation going as it feels like we are making progress, even if that progress is in small steps.

Hope your week has gone well and happy saving!



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