Last week I came across an app called ‘Shoppix’ while browsing Twitter and after a quick read I downloaded it to my phone.

Although there are a number of apps / websites like this out there, they aren’t something I have ever looked into before but I was intrigued.

The basic gist is, you take photos of receipts and get rewarded tokens for doing so. These tokens can then be exchanged for rewards – Amazon vouchers, iTunes vouchers, Paypal transfer or Love2Shop vouchers. You need 3200 tokens for a £5 Amazon reward. After snapping one receipt and completing one survey I am at 710 tokens.


Shoppix was easy to download and set up. Upon registering I received 100 tokens straight away and then got rewarded with a scratch card. These can vary massively in terms of the number of tokens they might contain but every little helps. The most I have received is 100, the least is 10. I then got another 100 tokens for completing my profile. This, again, was simple.

Yesterday was the first day I bought something and so I took my first photo of a receipt using the camera inside the app. This was then sent for processing. My receipt was approved and I got 25 tokens with 5 bonus tokens for a same day photo. Uploading my first receipt also gave me a bonus of 100 token. The numbers seem to be increasing quickly.

You can earn additional tokens through the app. Sometimes the app will give you a short survey to complete. In the few days I have had the app I have done 1 survey which rewarded 20 tokens.

Additionally you can earn more tokens by referring your friends to the app. This is easy to do as they only need to enter your code and when they complete their profile and snap their first receipt you both get an additional 200 points. If you are feeling inspired to sign up, I’d love you to use my code 727PLH49 and we both get rewarded.

My plan is to save up and exchange for Amazon vouchers which could be saved up for Christmas / Birthdays during the year.

If you’re already a Shoppix user and have any tips / tricks or tales you’d like to share I’d love you to leave a comment and let us know.

Happy Saving!





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