holiday.JPGHow do you holiday? What sort of breaks make you tick?


It’s only recently that I’ve managed to sort my at home budget and so budgeting while away from home is still something of a mine field to me. I’ve not got my head around it.

This is why I often choose to holiday all inclusive. I find it easier to budget. In hot countries I always drink, a lot (no I’m not an alcoholic – it’s usually coke and lemonade). These frequent small purchases soon add up to a lot. Either that or I don’t drink enough and end up feeling headachy and lethargic.

Holiday presents and memorabilia are something that I don’t get drawn in to. I’m not the kind to need a new bookmark, pen or magnet from every place I visit. I find it easy to resist these purchases. If anything I may make a photobook when I get home but usually only for the particularly special trips, and only when there is an amazing money off offer. I can see though, if you’re the kind of person with family at home it could be easy to buy gifts for everyone and soon have spent a fair bit. I remember as a child my grandparents would always buy us something from each holiday. It was certainly appreciated as a child but maybe not needed.

What’s your holiday weakness? Do you give in to temptation? Or what are your tips for sticking to budgets while away? I’d love to hear your thoughts

Happy Saving!


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