Airport Lounges

While trying to save I imagine that airport lounges are not something people would normally opt to pay for (even if holidays are). We, however, have done just that on our recent trip abroad.

On our last trip, in February, we flew at the same time and didn’t use a lounge. We bought two small sandwiches and one drink to share for £10. We bought drinks and coffee as we were wandering and succumbed to other purchases, because, as there was nowhere to sit together, we wandered around the shops.

This most recent experience of using a lounge was far calmer. We paid £20 each, in advance to access the lounge. We were there for two hours. When we arrived we had two cokes and a sausage sandwich each. All freshly and very nice.

We then had coffees (lots of choice) and pastries (delicious and so light). Then, ending our visit with a few more cokes. Yes, yes I know- we sound like little piggies… It was good though!!

All of this was included with our £20 each. We also had access to quiet and clean toilets, a selection of magazines (which helped to pass the time but without spending £5 each on a magazine of choice), and tables and chairs together without any search to find seats. It was, altogether, a relaxing experience.


We flew at 7am so, for us, it was all about breakfast and caffeinated drinks. If you’re more the kind of person who loves to start their holiday in style by enjoying a few alcoholic beverages, then lounge access might offer you an even better deal. All main alcoholic drinks were available within the inclusive price. Unless you want to splash out on champagne, this of course is served, but at an additional cost.

The lounge also came with ample plug sockets for charging electronic devices. Their leaflet even claimed to have a range of spare chargers in case yours was packed! We didn’t ask about this so can’t vouch for it, but sounded a very practical offering. In addition, there was free WiFi in the lounge which was another added bonus.

I can see it might not be for everyone, but for us I think that although we spent money to use the lounge, we saved money as everything was included.

We travelled as a couple. I’m sure this would be a very different experience if travelling with children, or maybe even in a larger group.

It’s got me thinking – are there any areas in your budget where you spend money initially, but end up saving money overall? Please leave a comment below to let us know.


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