Switching products. Shop and Save


shop and saveWhile doing my shopping today I was stood looking for a specific item – shaving cream. There were loads of the shelf and I reached out to select my normal, safe, go-to brand.

I stopped and looked at the price. It was £2.50 and no offers available. I always try and buy all my toiletries (as well as anything else I can) while there is an offer on.

I put the item back and looked at others. How different could one shaving cream be from any other?! I looked at the prices and the sizes of the pack.

I chose a store brand item, the same size pack, but it was £1.40 cheaper. I’ve since used the product and I could barely tell the difference. There was no reason why I couldn’t use this again and keep saving myself money.

It’s got me wondering… what else could I try? Are there other store brand, or cheaper name brands I could try? This is now going to be my mission when I am doing the weekly shop. I am going to try and find one different brand to try in each weekly shop.


Have you ever switched to other brands? Are there any cheaper alternatives, for food or toiletries that you have loved and would recommend? Maybe there is a product which you would never switch? Please share your thoughts and findings below.

Happy saving!


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