Sky TV

I have a love / hate relationship with Sky TV.


I love all the choice in channels. I hate how long it takes to decide what to watch.

I love that it has box sets. I hate that the app doesn’t remember where you are up to.

I love that I can record. I hate how many adverts there are to fast forward through.

I love that it is easy to manage. I hate it cost me nearly £30 a month when I don’t watch that much TV.

Other streaming services, such as  BBC iplayer and Netflix seem to work better for me and my situation. They remember where I am up to, alert me to new episodes being ready to stream and all without the daft number of adverts I’d get on Sky.

Today I decided that I don’t need Sky and Netflix in addition to our normal TV channels so I went online to try and cancel. For once, this was a really easy process. I used the online chat feature and, although I had to queue for 20 minutes first, the whole process was easy. They asked a few questions to try and see if I would change my mind but I stuck to my guns, remained polite and within 10 minutes my cancellation had been processed.

I admit I was lucky that my contract was nearly at an end and so the timing for me was good. I have one final payment to make and then from May I will be £28 better off a month. That’s another monthly £28 I will be able to take off the mortgage.

So, are there any services that you are paying for that you would be just as happy without? It never hurts to check.



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