Saving, but still enjoying life

My main aim of this blog is to focus on saving money and bringing down the mortgage… but what’s the point of saving everything if you aren’t going to live life and enjoy yourself?

Each month both hubby and I have a set amount in our accounts, this can be used to fund hobbies and days out etc. It also funds things like eating out. This money can be spent guilt free by either of us.

Tonight I’ll be enjoying life by going to Bingo with a couple of friends. Fingers crossed that we win… at least enough to buy a round of drinks.


I think it is important to find time to do things that you enjoy. I’ll be exploring hobbies and past-times in another blog post, but, what do you do for fun? Either paid for hobbies, or free? Does your budget and conscience let you spend money on your hobbies?

Happy Saving


3 thoughts on “Saving, but still enjoying life

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  1. I save like crazy most of the time. But, when I have saved money for a purpose, I have no trouble at all spending it! I have an upcoming trip to take my daughter to Washington DC for a homeschool trip that I have saved for a long time for. (My sister is treating me to part of it, but I had a significant amount to come up with as well). Now that it is here, I plan to take plenty of money with me so I don’t have to worry, anxiously pinch pennies, or run into any danger of running out of money during the trip. That just would defeat the purpose of going—go all that way and be pinching the pennies so tightly that I come home with no more knowledge than I went with because I didn’t want to pay admission to any attractions:). Or with aching limbs and blistered feet because I refused to pay for transportation. Balance is everything! I plan to find it on this trip and in my life:)

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    1. I know what you mean about finding the right balance. We are going to travel to Walt Disney World next year. Travelling from the UK during school holidays means that it isn’t a cheap trip, but if we are going to do it we want to do it properly and be able to enjoy ourselves while there. Not come home thinking – I wish I could have don’t this / seen that etc. Hope you have a great trip with lots of memories 😀

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