Kon Mari

About 18 months ago I heard about something called ‘The life changing magic of tidying up’ by Marie Kondo and I bought the book. I’ve never been one for buying books about tidying but something about this one struck a cord and I was hooked. I am now a follower of various Facebook groups linked to KonMari and enjoy seeing and reading what other people are up to.

The main things I got from reading the book were:

  1. Each thing in your home should have a place where it belongs.
  2. All items of the same thing should just have one home – eg – all the spare pens should belong in the same place.
  3. Hold on to things to see if they ‘spark joy’ before you decide if you need them in your life.
  4. Work through your possessions in a particular order – leaving the hardest categories till last.
  5. Clothes should be folded, not stuffed where they fit.


After reading the book I was keen to get started and, luckily, I was on holiday from work so had plenty of time to dedicate to it. The hardest thing for me (as a non-driver) was shifting the sorted items and getting them moved on to either the tip or the charity shops. Seeing things I didn’t want, need or  (in some cases) like was very freeing and it somehow made the house feel lighter. I am now working towards having a home filled with things I love and that make us smile.

This photo shows one of my favourite areas of the house and I love each thing in the picture.


Since completing KonMari (although I’m not sure you ever complete it as I keep going back and revisiting), I have made more conscious decisions about whether or not I want to buy more possessions to bring into my home. This, in turn, is supporting me in being able to save more and not waste my money on things I don’t truly need but think I do when I’m in the moment.

I’m certain this way of living and organising isn’t for everyone, but it’s worth considering. I don’t do everything the book suggests as it doesn’t work for me, but I enjoyed reading about another way of thinking. Ultimately, it is about what works for us each individually and I for one will remain thankful to the person who first introduced me to this book and new way of thinking.


Is KonMari something that you have tried? Something you would like to find out more about? Or maybe, you have another book recommendation for me to try. Whichever of these applies to you, leave me a comment below and let me know. Happy saving.


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