The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me on ‘My Money Mission 2018’.

I have been thinking about starting this blog for a while to document our progress on reducing our spending and increasing our mortgage payments in 2018.

Currently our mortgage is due to be paid off the month we turn 65. I am not, and will not, be in a position to retire before the mortgage is paid off and so I am going to be trying to make additional payments each month.

So far this year I have overpaid £75 – only £25 a month but it all helps and you have to start somewhere.

I aim to reduce my outgoings, as well as increasing my incomings. Every little helps as they say. I am hoping that by having this blog, and documenting the progress, that the motivation and determination to pay off early will continue.




One thought on “The Journey Begins

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  1. Paying off my mortgage in record time is my major goal – I can be a bit competitive, so I set myself a big challenge! Looking forward to seeing your progress this year. Every little helps 🙂

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